Line Marking

Line Marking

From a warehouse floor or industrial estate, to the carpark at your local supermarket, there is no shortage to the number of uses and benefits of a professional line marking service.

Slab-Tek is the name to call for quality and proven services in line marking. Our team is able to handle jobs of any size or scale and provide unbeatable solutions and lasting results.

Our line marking solutions are reliable and accurate, leaving a clean and clear result, with paint that is built to withstand years of use.

The Slab-Tek team will ensure that the surface is ready prior to line marking and sealing application, providing a qualified sealing treatment where necessary. We can also provide a comprehensive line marking removal service to clear away any old, damaged or unwanted markings that may be present.

Our car park line marking services include numbering and lettering, supply and install of bike racks, wheel stops, safety signs and bollards, with our team able to create stencils that are tailored to your brand or business.

There is no substitute for safety and security in your warehouse or industrial space. We provide lines and walkways to help employees easily navigate their way through large warehouses spaces or to signify dangerous or hazardous areas.

To work with the specialists in line marking, call Slab-Tek on 02 9642 3771.

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Line Marking

Car Park and Linemarking Services

Carpark line marking services includes, linemarking, sealing, custom numbering, signage, wheel stops, bollards and other car park safety products.

Carpark sealing and linemarking

Car park sealing services are designed to provide the very best finish for commercial car parks. Car park linemarking, commercial line marking and other car park safety products are all designed to meet the highest industry standards. Ask us about how you can make your showroom or commercial car park stand out from the rest.

Commercial and residential Carpark line marking and other turn key car park services.

Carpark Linemarking and Carpark Services

  • Basement Curing and Sealing
  • Planning and Design
  • Product Selections
  • Flooring Options
  • Mechanical Sweep and Scrub
  • Safety Products and Safety Signage
  • Line Marking

Carpark safety products like wheel stops are designed to provide safety to the building structure, order your wheel stops in concrete, recycled rubber, steel construction or recycled plastic wheel stops.

Carpark Products and Services

  • Bay numbering
  • Wheel stops
  • Bike Racks
  • Bollards
  • Safety signs

Linemarking Packages

Slab-Tek provide line marking services and offer high quality and long-lasting carpark line marking solutions. Using only RTA approved high quality line marking paints and products designed for safety and durability Slab-Tek look to offer a full carpark marking and safety signage plan.

Complete carpark linemarking and other car park marking options.

Related Linemarking Services

  • Carpark marking
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Stencil marking
  • Line marking removal
  • Line remarking

Custom linemarking

Looking to really offer a unique look and feel to your carpark floors? Then ask us how we can create a custom linemarking and car park floor plan for your next project.



Slab-Tek specialise in concrete floor coatings and concrete finishing services. Concrete sealing, curing, linemarking and other epoxy floor services.



Slab-Tek can help you make the right decisions specific to your project and achieve the best solutions to cater for all of your concrete coating needs. We guarantee that each job is handled professionally and with extreme care so that you are getting the very best. Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction.