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Epoxy Flooring Sydney

Are you looking for a way to protect your concrete floors and provide your commercial space with a cleaner and more professional appearance? Then epoxy flooring might be the perfect solution.

Here at Slab-Tek we offer all services and solutions in epoxy flooring across Sydney, working with clients from a diverse range of industries and businesses to deliver a flooring solution that is tailored to their property and needs.

Epoxy flooring is an affordable and effective way to protect concrete floors in your commercial property, helping to prevent wear and tear and cracks that look unattractive and can pose a serious safety risk to those working in that space.

The Slab-Tek team are specialists when it comes to epoxy flooring, taking on even the largest jobs to deliver a tried and tested flooring solution that is designed to last for years to come.

Don’t put up with short-term or poor-quality flooring alternatives when it comes to your business, with epoxy flooring helping to reduce the risk of slips and falls wherever it is installed. Its built tough, meaning it will stand up to heavy weights, large machinery and frequent use day after day.

It is also resistant to dangerous or hazardous substances, meaning it is suitable for use in spaces that are used to store or transport corrosive and damaging chemicals.

To work with the leading experts in epoxy flooring, Sydney clients simply have to call the Slab-Tek team today on 02 9642 3771.

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Epoxy Floors


Epoxy floors and epoxy flooring repairs for commercial and industrial floors. Slab-Tek floors are built to last. Our epoxy floors come backed by a Slab-Tek guarantee and warranty. Epoxy resin floors can be installed to last and come in a variety of options making these floor coating systems ideal for; high traffic areas, food and beverage production, food processing cold storage, motor workshops, cafes and restaurants.

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Commercial & Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring or epoxy resin is designed to be applied over the existing concrete slab. Used to produce a stronger longer lasting, more durable floor coating option that protects against the elements in either commercial or industrial areas. Epoxy floors are used to protect against acids, oils and solvents, for high foot traffic and fork lift areas..

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Epoxy floors provide many benefits over tiling, standard concrete or other floor applications.

Epoxy Floor Advantages
  • Visually appealing
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Non-slip protective coating
  • Seamless and hygenic
  • AQIS, TGA, Food Safe, OH&S & HACCP approved
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Epoxy flooring is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial flooring applications.

Epoxy Floor Applications
  • Food and manufacturing production areas
  • Cool rooms and freezers
  • Factories and car parks
  • Car showrooms and workshops
  • Shops and restaurants
  • Clubs and pubs
  • Walkways and ramps

Epoxy & PU Flooring FAQs

How long does an epoxy floor last?

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How long does it take to build an epoxy floor?

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How long until you can walk on the floor?

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Is there a warranty with the epoxy flooring?

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Epoxy Floor Warranty

Slab-Tek build epoxy floors to last and these epoxy flooring solutions are backed by an industry leading warranty. With preparation paramount in building and sustaining an epoxy floor that lasts, we use only the highest quality materials, machinery and techniques to offer a unique epoxy floor warranty. Ask us how we can build and warrant your next floor.



Slab-Tek specialise in concrete floor coatings and concrete finishing services. Concrete sealing, curing, linemarking and other epoxy floor services.



Slab-Tek can help you make the right decisions specific to your project and achieve the best solutions to cater for all of your concrete coating needs. We guarantee that each job is handled professionally and with extreme care so that you are getting the very best. Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction.