Floor Coatings


When your workshop needs a floor to both look good and last.


Epoxy Floors

Built tough to last

Epoxy floors are designed for high traffic areas, hard wearing, built tough, stronger than concrete.


Epoxy Coatings

High traffic floors

Epoxy floor coatings designed for heavy traffic areas.


Floor Coatings


When you need a safe, bacteria free area for food.


Outdoor Floors

Petrol Stations

Outdoor floor applications designed for heavy vehicle traffic and petroleum products.


Commercial Floors

Custom floor coatings

Concrete floor coatings options for warehouses, hospitality and other retail floor applications.



Sealing & Curing

Protect your concrete, help prevent cracking with products specially designed to apply while the concrete is drying.


Car Parks


Designs for Carparks, Factories and Warehouses. Stencil marking and linemarking removal. Wheelstops, bollards and signage.


Industrial Floors

When it has to last

When you simply need a tough, long lasting floor backed by a commercial warranty, build a Slabtek floor.

what we do

Slab-Tek provide a full range of concrete floor coatings and concrete treatment systems for commercial, industrial and residential. Specialising in the application of hard wearing Epoxy Flooring, Polyurethane (PU) Flooring, Methyl methacrylate (MMA) Flooring, waterproofing and other custom built flooring systems. Other services include, epoxy repairs, industrial and commercial concrete sealing, car parks, line marking, residential garage floors, concrete grinding and polishing.  

service images
service images

COATINGS and Finishes

Commercial floor coatings, polyurethane floor coatings, epoxy floor coatings, linemarking.

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service images
service images

EPOXY Floors

Commercial and industrial epoxy floors, Custom epoxy floors, epoxy floor coatings and epoxy repairs.

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Flooring Systems

Commercial and industrial flooring systems including epoxy resin, polyurethane (PU), methacrylate (MMA), to meet the highest OH&S standards set by HACCP, TGA, AQIS and Food Safe making these systems ideal for kitchens, bars, butcher shops, seafood shops, bakeries, food processing, pharmaceutical, retail and other hospitality. These custom built flooring systems are designed to be hard wearing, non-slip, seamless to withstand the toughest of environments. 

featured product

New Project

Tough Floors


Custom troweled on epoxy floor with roll on epoxy finish for small market - butcher shop, cool room areas, fish market.

Concrete Coating Specialists

Slab-Tek can help you make the right decisions specific to your project and achieve the best solutions to cater for all of your concrete coating needs. We guarantee that each job is handled professionally and with extreme care so that you are getting the very best. Nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction.

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Concrete Curing

Curing & Sealing Solutions

Concrete curing and concrete sealing services are designed to slow the concrete drying period and improve the concrete finish.

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Sweep and Scrub

Mechanical Sweep & Scrub

A range of mechanical sweep and scrubbing services for the greater Sydney area. Floor maintenance and floor cleaning.

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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring & Epoxy Repairs

Epoxy resin floor coating solutions to meet the highest OH&S standards set by HACCP, TGA, AQIS and Food Safe.

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Car Park Services

Linemarking and Sealing

Carpark services including sealing, linemarking, safety signage, wheel stops, bollards and other carpark services.

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Concrete Coating Specialist

Slab-Tek concrete coating solutions are designed to suit retail, commercial, and industrial flooring applications. Our epoxy floors and other floor coating options are designed to provide a superior floor coating application over standard concrete, painted or tiling options. Easier to maintain and designed for heavy duty high traffic areas. Build your next floor to last.

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